Generation Z (Born free) is not Millennials

The next generation has entered the workplace. They have just completed their undergraduate studies and are passionate about the role they want to play in the workplace and the broader South African marketplace. This generation was born after 1994, and have been called Generation Z or within the South African
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Future World of Work

Shaping the Future World of Work.

In order to build the Future World of work, we have to understand the challenges and changes that will be shaping the future. All these can be clustered into these five main themes. Globalisation The changes in technology over the last decade have significantly changed the way we work. We
Posted on December 7, 2018 0
Future World of Work

Future Fit Transformation journey for sustainable growth.

In the past companies would embark on a business transformation journey as a once in a lifetime event. But now companies must transform their businesses on a regular basis to survive. Companies are facing challenges that threaten the core of their businesses. There is huge opportunities for organic growth, but
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The Generations Challenge from a South African perspective

If you look at your business today, you will find that the age range in your workforce will be the single most unique challenge you will face over the next few years. We now have employees in the workforce from 18 to nearly 80. Not all these employees are necessary
Posted on October 19, 2018 0

Generations Worksheet

So how many of you have had a conversation with someone from a different age and it was extremely important.  At the end of the conversation you know when they walked away, they had no idea what you just told them. So what do you do when this happens ?
Posted on September 3, 2018 0
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