Generations Worksheet

Generations Worksheet

So how many of you have had a conversation with someone from a different age and it was extremely important.  At the end of the conversation you know when they walked away, they had no idea what you just told them. So what do you do when this happens ? I know …… You take out that fancy pen in you pocket ( the one you got when you were promoted to Senior manager) and you write them a note – In Cursive. Millennials can not read cursive. So they send you a text and you spent the next two weeks trying to get the envelope of your phone. It is going to be a challenge, but it is also an unprecedented opportunity – A once in a generation opportunity, depending on how we choose to adapt.

The scariest thought is that by 2018 we have 5 generations in our workplace. We are not even used to the Millennials and now we have to accommodate the Born free / Gen Z as well.

Different generations tend to value different communication styles, team structures and job perks. Understanding what people value and what motivates them makes it much easier to communicate job expectations, offer the right type of support or even make adjustments that will better suit a team’s performance.

The worksheet below explains some of these differences.

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